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    I tried writing an email, and contacting two instagram accoutns… At no avail… 🙁

    If someone finds out, please do share 😀

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    You can use the info at cocostump dot com email address.

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    The chat tool is back again

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    I don’t see chat tool on homepage, seems to be not working

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    @hipster: I check email and chat tool, which you can alternatively also use on our Facebook page. The Instagram accounts are checked by another person, but i can tell you that those are flooded with spam or calls – so they are muted usually.

    @razer: Check in the right corner in the bottom section. There you find the red messenger symbol.

    Sorry for all that inconvenience. I’m glad that you are reaching out for us here.

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    Guest Definitely DAE/DSD/QUAD model would bring many new customers to your site, including myself – I know they are hard to find, but when you manage to find one, it will be a jackpot 🙂

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    @Lovecour41: We are always looking for new models. We hope to find some of your preferred ones soon.

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    We have a new Affiliate, the fantastic Lan Zi (OOE).

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    Hello everyone,

    As we bid farewell to 2023, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support, despite the challenges we faced at Cocostump. This year proved to be a tough one, with persistent issues on Gumroad—initially being ousted from PayPal payments and later encountering streaming content hurdles due to high video bitrates. Navigating these changes was not easy, and we understand that not all our fans were pleased with the disruptions.

    One particularly somber note for us was the passing of Missy, the young model many of you rallied behind in her battle against cancer. A doctor reassured us that her aggressive cancer had progressed too far, emphasizing that our collective efforts were not in vain. Thank you all for your support during this difficult time. We remain committed to supporting other cancer patients as part of our ongoing mission.

    In an effort to streamline our content, we are in the process of transitioning many videos to the new platform at Payhip. Please check the ‘ICONIC COCOSTUMP’ section for updates. To maintain clarity, only 4K videos will be moved, and we anticipate this transition will take about a year. New videos will be featured in the ‘NEW’ section to avoid any confusion.

    During this transitional phase, Gumroad will continue to operate alongside Payhip, creating a somewhat messy appearance on our website. We appreciate your understanding and are glad that many of you are already benefiting from the new platform, where PayPal payments are once again possible.

    Additionally, we want to acknowledge our valued partners, Lanzi and TGYL. Please visit their websites, and we hope for exciting new video productions from Lanzi in China and TGYL in Vietnam in 2024.

    Thank you once again, and here’s to a promising 2024!


Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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