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    Hey welcome. Message here new ideas for videos or ask questions finding videos. Any other cocostump related topic is also welcome.

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    Do you plan to offer picture sets in the future?

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    Photosets are 1990.

    As soon as videos were available, nobody looked into photosets any more.

    However if there is enough interest, we will do so.

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    1. Hemipelvectomy model
    2. More Janin videos with hopping
    3. hopping race / nonstop long distance hopping videos. Doesn’t matter if they get tired or there’s only a few minutes — people want to see it.

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    I know you said you only have SAKs since they’re the most popular but PLEASE some DAK or SAE/DAE amputees?

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    Check on your 1) – Our model Jia Cassanda is a hemi model. She will be available in these days.

    Your 2) I can not promise, as Janin is not available. I can’t tell when she will return.

    3) I will tell, however it is not very popular with the girls as you can imagine.

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    We are constantly looking for new models. DAK we only have currently Venice. There are more, but they are not decided to join us. SAE/DAE are not in the queue – very hard to find. Our Only SAE model Bianca is currently pausing.

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    i would suggest stump videos with Jia Cassandra too

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    wearing a thong bikini bottom, or doing silkstump
    the appeal of the model is to see her full amputation

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    In her first video Jia Cassandra shows her amputation. However, new models are always shy and we respect how far they want to go with showing off. The best we all can do is give her positive feedback and buy her videos, so that she can benefit from it. This always motivates models to go the next step.

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    A school girl video with a white knee high Vernie maybe?

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    3) hopping race . . .

    SOME people want to see that, but those people need to think a bit harder and realize that they are asking the ladies to put a lot of extra strain, and cause a lot of extra damage (over the long term) to their bodies engaging in ‘endurance hopping’ for your gratification. It shows a lack of respect, and is a little towards the sadistic side.

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    > A school girl video with a white knee high Vernie maybe?

    I submitted the suggest. Thank you.

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    Help Missy!

    We are always looking for new talents to join our website.

    Missy approached us, she wants to join cocostump. She is a single mom, her baby is 5 months old and she was amputated just one month ago due to a tumor.

    She needs a chemotherapy which is quite costly.

    We found out that she can not afford this chemo, and her chances to survive if she can not complete her therapy are low.

    Dear fellow fans of cocostump, we are asking you for help. The fate of this young and beautiful girl touched us. She can not earn money with making videos, as she will get her treatments within the next 6 months.

    Use any of the tiers and fill in any amount you want to donate. If you only want to make a one time donation, please use a 1 month subscription.

    Watch preview video Kisha interviews Missy.

    Thank you very much.

    Use this link to share:

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    Chat tool on homepage is gone. how to contact on cocostump homepage now?

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