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Very active website of female amputees with more than 2000 Videos for sale and for rent. 61 different models of ages between 19 and 45 and all kinds of amputations, mostly SAK. Also a few SBK , DAK, hemi, triple and arm amputees. Price range from 5-25 EUR per video.
Daily updates.

  1. Aira, RHD, cancer NEW
  2. Aliza, LAK, accident
  3. Andrea, LHD, inborn, 50+ videos
  4. Angela, LAK, motorcycle accident, 100+ videos
  5. Ashley, RAK, motorcycle accident, 10 videos
  6. Aura, triple, inborn, 30+ videos
  7. Aurora, RAK, inborn, 70 videos
  8. Bella, LAK, vehicle accident, 100+ videos
  9. Bianca, LAE, stray bullet victim, 10+ videos
  10. Brenda, LAK, 10+ videos
  11. Cathy, RAK, cancer, 50+ videos
  12. Carla, LSD, inborn, 10+ videos
  13. Claire, RAK, inborn NEW
  14. Coleen, hemi, cancer
  15. Danielle, RAK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  16. Eloisa. RAK, accident
  17. Flora, RAK, cancer, 50+ videos
  18. Hanabi, LBK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  19. Happy, LAK, accident
  20. Jackie, LAK + Dwarf, inborn, 30+ videos
  21. Janin, LAK, vehicle accident, 200+ videos
  22. Jewel, LAK, motorcycle accident, 90+ videos
  23. Jia Cassandra, hemi, cancer, 50+ videos
  24. KC, RAK, motor accident, 50+ videos
  25. Keanne, RAK, vehicle accident, 10+
  26. Kendrastar, RAK, cancer, 10+ videos
  27. Kiara, LAK, motorcycle accident, 70+ videos
  28. Kisha, RAK, motorcycle accident, 250+ videos
  29. Kisses, RAK, motorcycle accident, 10+ videos
  30. Laura, double hand, violence victim, 10+ videos
  31. Lianne, RAK, cancer, 30+ videos
  32. Lucy. RAK, infection
  33. Maxene, LAK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  34. Megan, LHD, cancer, 80+ videos
  35. Mia Chan, LBK, cancer, 40+ videos
  36. Mona, LHD, accident, 25 videos
  37. Ms. Zhed, RAK, earthquake victim, 50+ videos
  38. Nadine, LAK, 10+ videos
  39. Nicole, both hands, inborn, 10 videos
  40. Patricia, LAK, vehicle accident new
  41. Peneolope, LAK, circulation disorder, 3 videos
  42. Pretinha, RBK, accident, 1 video
  43. Pretty, LAK, cancer, 90 videos
  44. Rafaela, RAK, 1 video
  45. Rainbow, LBK, vehicle accident, 3 videos
  46. Rianne, OOE, inborn, 5 videos
  47. Scarlet, LBK, motor accident, 10+ videos
  48. Shantal, RAK, earthquake victim, 50+ videos
  49. Sharmaine, DAK, accident, 10+ videos
  50. Sheila, RBK, 1video new
  51. Suzzaine, LAK, cancer, 5 videos
  52. Sylvia, RAK, accident, 1 video
  53. Tiny, LAK, cancer, 20 videos
  54. Trixie, LAK, motorcycle accident, 30+ videos
  55. Tyra, RAK, circulation disorder, 40+ videos
  56. Vanessa. RAK, motorcycle accident, 20+ videos
  57. Venice, DAK, inborn, 30+ videos
  58. Vernie, RAK, motorcycle accident, 200+ videos
  59. Via, accident
  60. Xialyn, OOE, inborn, 60+ videos
  61. Ynes, LAK, 7 videos

A website with the focus on very sexy and nude videos of female amputees. More than 150 videos, 17 different models, SAK and SBK. Price range USD 24-45.
Frequent updates.

  1. Andrea
  2. Aura
  3. Cathy
  4. Danielle
  5. Hanabi
  6. Kayce
  7. Keanne
  8. Kisha
  9. Lianne
  10. Maxene
  11. Pretty
  12. Scarlet
  13. Trixie
  14. Tyra
  15. Vanessa
  16. Vernie

AM Davies

Webpage of a SBK amputee offering many services, not only videos and pictures.

Active site of female amputees. Videos for sale. 33 different models of all kinds of amputations. Price range from 15-48 EUR per video. 15-06-2024


Pictures and videos of a RAK woman. Price range from 20-40 EUR per video. 31-08-2020 no updates / failed sales reported

Amputee Annisa

A very little shopping site with photos and videos for sale. Price range between USD 30-50. Last update 2019.

Amputee model agency (Eva Amputee)

Videos and photosets of 30 different models for sale. Price range between 15 and 40 EUR per video. 16-10-2022

Amputee Topmodels

Videos and Photosets for sale of 47 different models. Price range between 10 and 50 EUR. New website location 24-07-2022

Amputee world

Videos and photos of more than 131 different models. Price range between USD 500-700 depending on the subscription. 16-10-2022


Amputee Ladys offering live-cam-chat on

  1. Amputee SBK
  2. A_rastls SBE,
  3. Carolineladyx SAK
  4. Chrystal SAK
  5. Dani_love69 SBE
  6. Feernandaa right hand
  7. Hany_lovers SBE
  8. Karen Fuentes LBE
  9. Kathlatorre SBE
  10. Lil Ms Annabelle Lovelee SBK
  11. Molly Roberts SAK (known as Demie Moore)
  12. Niharika Finger
  13. Riley Comely (amputation unknown)
  14. Sabrina Lopez SAK
  15. Samy Huber SAK
  16. Suuzy SBE and Toes
  17. Stazia SBK

Male list:

  1. Amputeex RBK
  2. King Morbid SAK
  3. Paul Parker RBK
  4. Shy Couple DAK
  5. Tallhungandfuncolorado SBK.


Videos of Amputees and other disabilities for sale. 37 models active selling. Price range from 7-25 EUR for pictures and videos. 31-12-2020

Elena Amputee

Videos and photos available for sale of a LHD amputee woman. Price range 20-50 EUR per video. 12-09-2021 updated

Facebook resources

Follow the link above to enter our page Amp-Facebook. Use also the links in the header and footer section to navigate.


Videos and porn of a LAK woman for sale. Beware of eye cancer for the colors chosen at the website. Price range around USD 20. 31-08-2020

Fitness Unarmed

Pictures for sale of a womam without arms. Price range USD 10 per photo. 31-08-2020


  1. AmpMille RAK
  2. Amputee Angela many models – daily updates
  3. Amputee Danielle RAK
  4. Amputee Model Agency many models
  5. Amputee models a few models, former Amputee Hilda
  6. Jessica Amputee OOE
  7. Katrina Del Garte Some Photos and videos of Belaja 08-10-2021
  8. ksu-amputee RAK
  9. Lan Zi, OOE
  10. Silkstump models providing nude content, updates frequently
  11. The girls you like, beautiful new amputees

Jun Amputee

A website of a 3 RAK amputee girls. EUR 25-35 for a video. 16-10-2022

Lan Zi

A website of an OOE amputee girl and many other amputees, as well as Polio girls.. EUR 30 for a video. 22-03-2024

Lia Amputee

Videos of a LAK woman for sale. Price range 20-32 EUR for photosets and videos. 21-12-2020

My free Cams

Watch out for the last logins, some profiles are not very active.

  1. Dizzy2u, SAK
  2. Hertighness, SBK
  3. Lisa1leg, SAK
  4. One_leg_kitty, Leg amputee
  5. Rainbowrose28, SBK
  6. RoxysFeet, Toes

Natalies Palace

Videos and photosets of 19 different models with all kinds of amputations available. Price range 40-50 EUR per video. 09-05-2021


Linkpage of OneGuyOneleg to his OF, see also the OF section.

Only Fans

Follow the link above to enter our page Amp-Onlyfans. Use also the links in the header and footer section to navigate.


  1. Amp_lified Beauty, RAK girl
  2. Amputee_Maus, RAK girl
  3. Aneris, OOE, right side, 25 y/o from Argentina, Amputee model and cosplayer
  4. しょうK, Comic, Amputee bunny Annie
  5. Bionic Gypsy, Niki Rellon, RBK wants to become the first woman with a prosthetic leg to sail around the world.
  6. Cherie Louise LHD
  7. ENIX, is creating pics about amputee women
  8. Elizaa, RAK girl 17-05-2021
  9. Jo Beckwith, RBK
  10. Mexican Amputee RAK/RHD, congenital
  11. Neo KirchBaby, DAK 17-05-2021
  12. Pavlinka14, 3D renders of amputee characters
  13. Christina Stephens LAK
  14. Talli DAE

Pamela Amputee

A DAK amputee, with photosets and videos for sale. Price range 20-40 EUR per photoset/video. 06-09-2020


A RAK amputee selling her videos. She is know known as Kendrastar at – price around 20 EUR per video. 21-12-2020


no current entries.

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  • Henderson

    why are there so little congenital amps LBE / SBE / RBE out there? please share more!

  • Henderson

    weird, why are there so little congenital sbe/rbe/lbe’s known? I’ve found a few, but most amputees are legs

  • marcos9328

    Alaska Selling videos. She is very kind and cute

  • C

    Very beautiful, young and cute SAK

  • henrique

    Can anyone send me links to models, with short legs.. and crutches..

    one leg

    polio leg

  • Aurarius

    Please use Forum now.

    Posts here are discontinued. However we keep them here, for reviewing them.

    • dapperdev

      Not loving the forum tbh. It doesn’t make sense – why can’t we just have normal posts instead of these arbitrary sub topics etc?

      • BoxBundler

        I agree, I am not a fan of the forum. It feels like it killed this site and that we should get rid of it and just keep posting here the way we have been.

        • Scott

          i have to agree,

          i’ve actually stopped checking in as often because i cant face that awkward forum

          sad to say, but its true… the forum has killed the site

          • CopyPaster

            also my opinion

    • Dddev

      Posts on the forum are just as disorganized as here. But at least on this page I only have to scroll and not go to several different pages to see one comment on each. I tried to reply with relevant information to a post, but it got put to the bottom and doesn’t show as a reply and is even more confusing on your forum

  • Matkahr

    Seems like there aren’t any new amp performers around 🙁

  • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    • walyter

      blue eyes ,big breast and leg braces what more could you ask for

    • walter

      blue eyes , big breast and leg braces what more could you want

  • BoxBundler

    She is a natural quad. No arms at all and tiny feet. I can’t read Spanish, but if someone can. Let me know if she is legit. She advertised this page on her IG @yaniitilleria

    • none

      unfortunately only argentinian payment allowed on cafecito. also, seems like it charges per gallery (so not a subscription).

  • Plaster of Brazil

    Plaster of Brazil

    In honour to one of the first and greatest caster portal of all the times: Plaster of Paradise.
    Plaster of Brazil, comes with the idea of showing traditional plaster casts in beautiful Brazilian models. We want to show beautiful models in several different plaster casts with the idea of interacting with the caster world. However, many casters are, at the same time devotees and, for this reason we are trying to fulfil their desires by having some of real amputees as our models. Giovanna and Sofia, are real amputees (SAK) who at the same time wear different plaster casts (SLWC, LLWC, LAC) in our videos and photos sets for selling.
    Please, have a look at our site and feel free to send us any comments and feedback you may like.
    Hope you may enjoy it and our products!!

  • Anfisa

    Hi, Admin ?
    in the Polio / shortleg / wheelchair – section please add my Fansly link and replace the OnlyFans
    thank you very much ?

  • Barnabus

    anyone notice the spam in the forum? any way to block that?

    • anon

      as long as you have a forum that doesn’t need signups to post, there will be more and more and even more spam.
      bad idea to have a forum on a site like this

  • M

    Anyone subbed to that page?

    • hipster

      I wonder the same thing.

      btw, you can try using the forum! =)

  • Burnsy

    shes back! she’s removed her subscription paywall as well and has new content in store and more coming soon, live stream, etc.

    Dont miss out

  • randmanqt

    Does anyone know if it is worth it?
    Can anyone who has already signed up describe its content?

    • randmanqt

      Can anyone who has already signed up describe her content? *

    • M

      It won’t likely be worth it. She’s one of the Russian creators who can’t receive payment anymore, and therefore has been inactive for quite some time.
      She didn’t take requests, just posted what she felt like (artsy), and there wasn’t anything more risquée than some titty flashes.

    • sharkbait6614

      I subbed once… she is INSANELY beautiful but absolutely NOT WORTH IT! She posted maybe 2-3 pics the entire month and said she doesn’t do customs at all. With all the BS going on in her region, I am sure it’s even worse than before.

  • Frank

    Hey guys,

    we have good news! We created a forum here.
    This forum is intended to replace the comment section here on the main page. We believe that the exchange of information has become a central theme of this site. So we want to structure this better.

    So, please try the new forum. The link is on the top right here.

    If the forum works fine, we well close this comment-section here. Have fun!

    • hipster


    • sailorcollins6275

      I wouldn’t close it up yet, after 2 days the forum is already overrun with spam. Maybe a better verification process if possible?

  • Snake

    Heh heh. As always, I have excellent models. A beautiful girl with congenital amputations. She doesn’t have a thumb on one hand, in principle there is no thumb, it is not provided. On the second hand, her thumb looks like a small, soft sausage. There are no bones in it, as I understand it, and her thumb is just an appendage to the hand, which she cannot move. Otherwise, it’s just a sex bomb with a beautiful face and body. 🙂 She is online very often and for many hours, so enjoy 🙂

    • BoxBundler

      Please share more amputee models if you find them. Especially arm/hand amputees!

      • Snake

        I wrote models, as I have already posted different girls here before.

        • Snake

          Addition. In the network, this beauty usually appears at 2-3 o’clock GMT.

        • Snake

          P.S. Teach the girl to use the BRB function. 😀 She leaves the online to do something, and then appears again. 😀

    • M

      Do yourself a favour, drop the ‘hehe’ and be less descriptive, you sound like a creep.

  • Rakuat
    Anybody more information?

    • Zp87

      looks to be some kind of leg issue but can’t tell what

    • sharkbait6614

      She is a BK amputee from a motorcycle accident. Even though it was like $6, I reluctantly subbed to her yesterday after this post… within 2 hours after subbing, her custom name changed to the default ” u237098969″ name and a message appears at the top that says “This page is not running currently.”

      So, not sure what is going on, but maybe hold off on this one until things change?

  • Anonymous

    New wheelchair girl with SMA. Onlyfans & Chaturbate.

  • Akdev

    Anyone subscribe to Peachy on onlyfans? If so, anyone buy anything from her? Is it worth it? I paid $50 a year ago for a 5 sec clip, without any previews or the clips with info you can purchase, I don’t know what I’m getting.

    • akikeres

      Please show she profile link.

    • Rakfan

      she is ok but only stump shots. she does not show her face. not sure if she will for customs but all her pics are basically the same pose. if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

      • Stan

        I agree, not worth it.

      • akikeres

        Link please she profile, i don’t find. Thank you!

        • Rakfan

          she is in the OF links section. just look there

  • Agitprop

    Anybody ever subscribe to this one? Is it worth it?

    • Stan

      Yep, she is really nice and posts often. I think it’s worth it.

    • S

      whats her level of amputation ?

      • Stan


  • L

    I recommend her, She creates great content for devotees.

    • sharkbait6614

      What’s her level of amputation?

      • Annie Onymous

        I didn’t find one, waste of money

        • M

          Her OF has links to an instagram and a Tiktok. Pretty sure in on of her tiktoks I could see a congenital hand deformity.

      • Hermann Heinrichs

        she is missing parts of her right hand / deformed

    • M

      ugh, pleaseno. With all the genuine content creators who deserve the money, why spend it on pretenders? It’s like having access to a trumpet player who is ready and willing to record a solo for you but paying someone to do it on a midi keyboard instead.

      • Hipster

        I’m inclined to agree.

        But, if a guy likes that… well let him have it!

      • Roberto

        Its worse than the midi keyboard player its like paying someone to hold a trumpet while the sound comes from a cd.

        • M

          lol, you’re right, that’s a better analogy

    • S

      Also from the pics that you CAN see ‘she’ isn’t even a decent pretender lol

    • Stan

      The people with an amputee fetish are kink-shaming someone else. Classic.

      • M

        More than just not making sense for the reason Roberto worded better than I did, it’s kinda tangential to the creators this board is here to help promote, imo.

  • Sinister – Seems Paraplegic Britt may be back. Be aware she hasn’t posted since August

  • BoxBundler
  • Jacob Wonderful paraplegic girl, small, beautiful and tender feet, extremely skinny and very sensual legs. Reply to messages for free.

  • BoxBundler
    • Dtowndev

      How’s the content?

      • Barnabus

        shes very attractive but not any specific dev oriented content at the moment.

      • BoxBundler

        Pretty decent. She does customs and posts nudes.

  • wu hot wheelchair girl

  • Frank

    New on Onlyfans. She is SSD

    Some of you know her from Instagram or Twitter.

  • L
  • Anonymous

    Amazing model:
    Unfortunatelly, offline since 2020

    Does she have an OF or chaturbate accounts?

  • hipster

    Devoguy wrote:

    A follow up question. Did anyone find reliable ladies on IG that sell their vids?


    Check my comment on “Bad Branca” topic 🙂

    • Devoguy


      I think Mariah Swingle is good to go.

      Anyone else?

      • M

        Pff, no. I bought a video from her, which was ‘okay’, but then she just blocked me instead of creating a second request she had agreed to.

      • noshanks

        @leidicastrillon001 is reliable. She sold me some hot stuff for relatively little money. She seems to be rather poor so any honest buyer will help.

        • Roberto

          I would like to buy from @leidicastrillon001 but she doesn’t seem to ever confirm my follow request.

          • noshanks

            You could try it via facebook and it‘s messenger: leidyyohana.zapatacastrillon

      • Hipster

        There was also that ak/hd astrid. I think her boyfriend was selling her short clips for a bit outrageous amounts…

        Well. If anyone else know anyone, please post it!

        • noshanks

          This question has already been asked twice. This is NOT meant as a reproach. I also were very much interested in any hint. Astrid is my favorite but she also was only in the very beginning of showing her potential.

  • sharkbait6614

    New find… “mature” hand amputee on OF for FREE!

  • L

    Pretty girl, one hand without fingers.

    @mystical.maid Tik tok


    You also get Penelope at, completely risk free.

  • Anonymous

    New SBE (free account)

    • sharkbait6614

      Dang it… you just beat my post! HAHA

  • Copy Paster

    Beware of Your Scorpio Gf’s OF VIP account. She promises a lot but doesn’t post virtually anything.

    • sailorcollins

      This is the former Dani_love69, very cute BBW girl.

  • Geo.

    Anyone bought videos directly from a DAK on IG…initials C.B.? She said she sells stuff but I’m not sure I believe it.

    • Zp87

      I’ll risk it for the team if I can find her lol

      • Notme

        Just a guess on my part, his post was very vague:

        • Zp87

          I wouldn’t think her because I’m not sure where the B would come from in the initials he listed.

    • Roberto

      Yeah any more info?

    • Barnabus

      link or @?

      • M

        That’s a sure-fire way to ruin it for everyone. It’s better if people find her on their own.

        • Geo.

          That was my thinking. Not cutestumps, though.

          • dapperdevboy

            Speaking of cutestumps, has anyone seen her content? does she have an OF?
            Also any other good DAK recs. please share.

    • A. Friend

      do you have the IG-link?

  • wu
  • Joker

    Has anyone eperience with buying directly from Branca Penelope? As Penelope she‘s one of the girls of the Amputee Model Agency and her last vid was rather pornographic 🙂

    • hipster

      Yup, She tricked me for 100$ on paypal, but paypal intervened and I got my money back. She now wants to go over WU, which I’m reluctant to go for…
      Anyways, be careful, and good luck!

      • Joker

        Thank you very much for confirming my doubts. Well, her offer was almost to good to be true. And yes, she tries it with WU now.

      • Fuck Branca

        had the exact same thing happen to me, she was meant to send me a custom video and ended up sending me a scattered set of one of her videos. when I complained she just blanked me so I took it to PayPal, her “manager” then tried to dispute my want for a refund because he was only a middle man and didn’t actually do the finances so me getting a refund would not work because of some dumb bullshit. he proceeded to threaten me about going to paypal for buying pornographic content.

        long story short I got my money back. I should’ve learned my lesson but it toon another girl for me to realise I’m a dumbass.

        fuck janet/blosh too

        • Hipster

          So do we know of any reliable ladies around?

        • Copy Paster

          Nice to read this here. We must use more the brain. Beware. They all want the money. But where us the problem. Just deliver what you promise and the customer will come back for more. Basic economy. But also the seller must have a brain.

          • Roberto

            This is why this very site amplinks has stated they dont have a page for instagram models. Too hard to verify.

          • Hipster

            I offered her to pay after she delivers her vid. But she refused.

            Getting to a place of mutual trust would be a thing to aim…

            Btw, Is it forbiddent to discuss these things here on the ampdevlinks?

          • Aurarius

            This site is here for to discuss exactly these topics.

        • Hipster

          Thx for sharing.

          Any good experiences?

      • Joker

        Call me a fool, but I’ve been tricked by two girls already. The conversation that preceded these scams was far more elaborate than in the case of Branca/Penelope.

        I’m lucky that this forum exists and that you all answered.

        Unfortunately, the opposite issue also exists, where one of us uploads intimate pictures or videos to porn platforms although they were intended as absolutely private.

      • M

        “Offered to pay her after she delivered the video.”
        That just puts 100% of the risk on her. At least you could lodge a complaint with paypal for goods/services not delivered, but if she gives you the video first she had no recourse.

        • hipster

          I proposed that after the first “incident” (not to call it scam). You know how they say… fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me 🙂

          @Joker, maybe it would be nice to share some names, so others don’t fall for the same.

          as for me, I had nice experience with (not all is nude material):
          mariah lynn

          and bad with:
          branca penelope

          • Joker

            The girls that took the money as a present were theblackharley and dorisstillsmiling…

          • Joker

            Does anyone know about the original katrina delgarte: pamela german? She told me that she also sells customs, but then about last Christmas she disappeared.

    • P

      Penelope took $40 from me and didn’t deliver the contents, in my case I had no way to recover because I didn’t use paypal. And she still had the nerve to stay advertising on pages of devotees on Intagram. And I have a devotee friend that I talk to who has also been hit by her. The way she describes her content it sounds too good to be true.

      • hipster

        Yea, she shouldn’t be trusted. But now its possible to legally get her vids through amputeemodelagency….

        It seems like there are more scammers than real deals 🙁

        • Devoguy

          A follow up question. Did anyone find reliable ladies on IG that sell their vids?


          • randmanqt

            Yes, I have bought videos on IG, there are some models who sell them, but you have to be smart to recognize the signs of a scam. I’ve only ever been scammed by Penelope but I was careless and she is a good scammer, the way she talks sounds very professional. But I recommend buying only from those who advertise that they sell in the bio and beware of feke accounts from well-known models. I’ve gotten great videos on IG. I recommend always buying the cheapest video first just to build mutual trust. And then buy the other one you really want. I have bought from ampjing, amplatina and others that I can’t tell because they don’t sell anymore or don’t like much exposure.

          • noshanks

            @leidicastrillon001 is reliable. She sold me some hot stuff for relatively little money. She seems to be rather poor so any honest buyer will help.

  • wu
  • Japa74

    Guys I recommend this profile, she is awesome.

    • Roberto

      She is on there. She is also a double partial foot amputee as well

    • Zp87

      what is she?

      • Roberto


        • G

          I hope some of the comments on here are translation problems,

      • sailorcollins

        A very beautiful and sweet Romanian woman with a fantastic body?

  • Kevin Kennedy
    she is leg amputee bk

  • wu
  • wu hot sma wheelchair girl

    • romanticrhino

      Anyone sub to her page yet?