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Very active website of female amputees with more than 2000 Videos for sale and for rent. 59 different models of ages between 19 and 45 and all kinds of amputations, mostly SAK. Also a few SBK , DAK, hemi, triple and arm amputees. Price range from 5-25 EUR per video.
Daily updates.

  1. Aira, RHD, cancer NEW
  2. Aliza, LAK, accident
  3. Andrea, LHD, inborn, 50+ videos
  4. Angela, LAK, motorcycle accident, 100+ videos
  5. Ashley, RAK, motorcycle accident, 10 videos
  6. Aura, triple, inborn, 30+ videos
  7. Aurora, RAK, inborn, 70 videos
  8. Bella, LAK, vehicle accident, 100+ videos
  9. Bianca, LAE, stray bullet victim, 10+ videos
  10. Brenda, LAK, 10+ videos
  11. Cathy, RAK, cancer, 50+ videos
  12. Carla, LSD, inborn, 10+ videos
  13. Coleen, hemi, cancer
  14. Danielle, RAK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  15. Eloisa. RAK, accident
  16. Flora, RAK, cancer, 50+ videos
  17. Hanabi, LBK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  18. Happy, LAK, accident
  19. Jackie, LAK + Dwarf, inborn, 30+ videos
  20. Janin, LAK, vehicle accident, 200+ videos
  21. Jewel, LAK, motorcycle accident, 90+ videos
  22. Jia Cassandra, hemi, cancer, 50+ videos
  23. KC, RAK, motor accident, 50+ videos
  24. Keanne, RAK, vehicle accident, 10+
  25. Kendrastar, RAK, cancer, 10+ videos
  26. Kiara, LAK, motorcycle accident, 70+ videos
  27. Kisha, RAK, motorcycle accident, 250+ videos
  28. Kisses, RAK, motorcycle accident, 10+ videos
  29. Laura, double hand, violence victim, 10+ videos
  30. Lianne, RAK, cancer, 30+ videos
  31. Lucy. RAK, infection new
  32. Maxene, LAK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  33. Megan, LHD, cancer, 80+ videos
  34. Mia Chan, LBK, cancer, 40+ videos
  35. Mona, LHD, accident, 25 videos
  36. Ms. Zhed, RAK, earthquake victim, 50+ videos
  37. Nadine, LAK, 10+ videos
  38. Nicole, both hands, inborn, 10 videos
  39. Peneolope, LAK, circulation disorder, 3 videos
  40. Pretinha, RBK, accident, 1 video
  41. Pretty, LAK, cancer, 90 videos
  42. Rafaela, RAK, 1 video
  43. Rainbow, LBK, vehicle accident, 3 videos
  44. Rianne, OOE, inborn, 5 videos
  45. Scarlet, LBK, motor accident, 10+ videos
  46. Shantal, RAK, earthquake victim, 50+ videos
  47. Sharmaine, DAK, accident, 10+ videos
  48. Sheila, RBK, 1video new
  49. Suzzaine, LAK, cancer, 5 videos
  50. Sylvia, RAK, accident, 1 video
  51. Tiny, LAK, cancer, 20 videos
  52. Trixie, LAK, motorcycle accident, 30+ videos
  53. Tyra, RAK, circulation disorder, 40+ videos
  54. Vanessa. RAK, motorcycle accident, 20+ videos
  55. Venice, DAK, inborn, 30+ videos
  56. Vernie, RAK, motorcycle accident, 200+ videos
  57. Via, accident
  58. Xialyn, OOE, inborn, 60+ videos
  59. Ynes, LAK, 7 videos

A website with the focus on very sexy and nude videos of female amputees. More than 150 videos, 17 different models, SAK and SBK. Price range USD 24-45.
Frequent updates.

  1. Andrea, 3 videos
  2. Aura, 7 videos
  3. Cathy, 15 videos
  4. Danielle, 10 videos
  5. Hanabi, LBK, 18 videos
  6. Kayce, RAK, 26 videos
  7. Keanne, RAK, 10 videos
  8. Kisha, RAK 18 videos
  9. Lianne, RAK, 11 videos
  10. Maxene, LAK, 14 videos
  11. Penelope, LAK, 1 video
  12. Pretty, LAK, 2 videos
  13. Scarlet, LBK, 9 videos
  14. Trixie, LAK, 8 videos
  15. Tyra RAK, 9 videos
  16. Vanessa. RAK, 11 videos
  17. Vernie, RAK, 25 videos

AM Davies

Webpage of a SBK amputee offering many services, not only videos and pictures.

Active site of female amputees. Videos for sale. 33 different models of all kinds of amputations. Price range from 15-48 EUR per video. 19-09-2022


Pictures and videos of a RAK woman. Price range from 20-40 EUR per video. 31-08-2020 no updates / failed sales reported

Amputee Annisa

A very little shopping site with photos and videos for sale. Price range between USD 30-50. Last update 2019.

Amputee model agency (Eva Amputee)

Videos and photosets of 30 different models for sale. Price range between 15 and 40 EUR per video. 16-10-2022

Amputee Topmodels

Videos and Photosets for sale of 47 different models. Price range between 10 and 50 EUR. New website location 24-07-2022

Amputee world

Videos and photos of more than 131 different models. Price range between USD 500-700 depending on the subscription. 16-10-2022


Amputee Ladys offering live-cam-chat on

  1. Amputee SBK
  2. A_rastls SBE,
  3. Carolineladyx SAK
  4. Chrystal SAK
  5. Dani_love69 SBE
  6. Feernandaa right hand
  7. Hany_lovers SBE
  8. Karen Fuentes LBE
  9. Kathlatorre SBE
  10. Lil Ms Annabelle Lovelee SBK
  11. Molly Roberts SAK (known as Demie Moore)
  12. Niharika Finger
  13. Riley Comely (amputation unknown)
  14. Sabrina Lopez SAK
  15. Samy Huber SAK
  16. Suuzy SBE and Toes
  17. Stazia SBK

Male list:

  1. Amputeex RBK
  2. King Morbid SAK
  3. Paul Parker RBK
  4. Shy Couple DAK
  5. Tallhungandfuncolorado SBK.


Videos of Amputees and other disabilities for sale. 37 models active selling. Price range from 7-25 EUR for pictures and videos. 31-12-2020

Elena Amputee

Videos and photos available for sale of a LHD amputee woman. Price range 20-50 EUR per video. 12-09-2021 updated

Facebook resources

Follow the link above to enter our page Amp-Facebook. Use also the links in the header and footer section to navigate.


Videos and porn of a LAK woman for sale. Beware of eye cancer for the colors chosen at the website. Price range around USD 20. 31-08-2020

Fitness Unarmed

Pictures for sale of a womam without arms. Price range USD 10 per photo. 31-08-2020


  1. AmpMille RAK
  2. Amputee Angela many models – daily updates
  3. Amputee Danielle RAK
  4. Amputee Model Agency many models
  5. Amputee models a few models, former Amputee Hilda
  6. Jessica Amputee OOE
  7. Katrina Del Garte Some Photos and videos of Belaja 08-10-2021
  8. ksu-amputee RAK
  9. Lan Zi, OOE
  10. Silkstump models providing nude content, updates frequently
  11. The girls you like, beautiful new amputees

Jun Amputee

A website of a 3 RAK amputee girls. EUR 25-35 for a video. 16-10-2022

Lan Zi

A website of an OOE amputee girl and many other amputees, as well as Polio girls.. EUR 30 for a video. 22-03-2024

Lia Amputee

Videos of a LAK woman for sale. Price range 20-32 EUR for photosets and videos. 21-12-2020

My free Cams

Watch out for the last logins, some profiles are not very active.

  1. Dizzy2u, SAK
  2. Hertighness, SBK
  3. Lisa1leg, SAK
  4. One_leg_kitty, Leg amputee
  5. Rainbowrose28, SBK
  6. RoxysFeet, Toes

Natalies Palace

Videos and photosets of 19 different models with all kinds of amputations available. Price range 40-50 EUR per video. 09-05-2021


Linkpage of OneGuyOneleg to his OF, see also the OF section.

Only Fans

Follow the link above to enter our page Amp-Onlyfans. Use also the links in the header and footer section to navigate.


  1. Amp_lified Beauty, RAK girl
  2. Amputee_Maus, RAK girl
  3. Aneris, OOE, right side, 25 y/o from Argentina, Amputee model and cosplayer
  4. しょうK, Comic, Amputee bunny Annie
  5. Bionic Gypsy, Niki Rellon, RBK wants to become the first woman with a prosthetic leg to sail around the world.
  6. Cherie Louise LHD
  7. ENIX, is creating pics about amputee women
  8. Elizaa, RAK girl 17-05-2021
  9. Jo Beckwith, RBK
  10. Mexican Amputee RAK/RHD, congenital
  11. Neo KirchBaby, DAK 17-05-2021
  12. Pavlinka14, 3D renders of amputee characters
  13. Christina Stephens LAK
  14. Talli DAE

Pamela Amputee

A DAK amputee, with photosets and videos for sale. Price range 20-40 EUR per photoset/video. 06-09-2020


A RAK amputee selling her videos. She is know known as Kendrastar at – price around 20 EUR per video. 21-12-2020


no current entries.

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    • L

      Brazilian model RBE

      • L

        Sorry SBE

      • sharkbait6614

        Clicking the link takes me to a “Page Not Available”. Is the link wrong or did she delete her page?

    • Marky Mark

      Just subbed to two of these, thanks!
      Have you checked out
      She’s pretty new, content is getting pretty good. Her PPV vids are my new favorite.

    • S

      Some ?

      Do you know of any more mate ?

  • Amputee Darling

    Please add me to the website

    • Frank

      Done! You are on the list. BTW: your email, you added in your post, was wrong. So it’s not possible to contact you, here.

  • Anonymous

    Is totally worth it!! You won’t regret it. She constantly post content.

    • Marky Mark


  • Test

    Airelav is now selling pre-made videos via DM of about 10 minus for $30 each, she does full nudes, toys, lingerie, walking, jumping. She is very hot. She has become my favorite since Brittney retired. Her main profile is also very good.

    • Marky Mark

      In the 10 minutes for $30, are those nude or clothed? $30 seems expensive … worth it?

      • Test

        Yes, most of her videos are nudes. it’s a little expensive but worth it, but the problem is that you have to ask her for the old videos because she usually sends them by DM as soon as she finishes making the videos. Sometimes she takes a while to respond or forgets the video you asked for, I’ve gotten really good videos from her, she does and everything a bit and she’s also very pretty. I wouldn’t pay $30 for dressed up videos either.

        • Marky Mark

          Yeah that definitely sounds worth it then, I’ll check her out!
          Amputeedarling has some good videos too, not very long but she said she’s making longer ones, seems like she’s just getting started. She’s not fully nude, but strips down to panties.

      • M

        30 dollars for ten minutes isn’t really ‘expensive.’ It’s three dollars a minute. Plenty of models charge more – sometimes quite a bit more per minute. If it is as good as the stuff I got from her when she first started on OF it’s worth it.

  • TruckStop88

    Does anyone know about @amputeedarling? Is it worth the subscription.

    • hipster

      She seems nice and 5$ does not seem like a big risk!

      Do let us know if you do subscribe!

    • G

      She’s lovely honest , real and nice to talk to ,I think she’s quite new to it and growing every day.

    • Zp87

      Yeah she’s great.

    • Roberto

      You mean is it worth 5 dollars?

    • M

      Yes. She is great.

    • S

      which platform are you referring to ?

      chaturbate ? onlyfans ? stripchat ?

      • Marky Mark

        OF – I’ve been talking to her, she seems really nice, just got a custom from her with her face. Bonus- she’s been sending free extra content a few times a week to people who tip her or purchase a video

        • M

          Ohgreat. I have the same name, I hope she doesn’t think I’m the one spilling about content.

    • TruckStop88

      Yes WAY worth it! You can even request customs! My new fav since Brittany.

      • FJ

        I liked her too, how are her prices?

        • Marky Mark

          Yeah they are, at first she was charging more but honestly I don’t think she knew what she was doing … past week the prices have been really good.

  • Gero
    • S

      He’s a little young

      Also Not just AE, he has a congenitally deformed leg and a leg missing too

  • sharkbait6614

    Just came across this one… looks to be congenital. Limbs aren’t normal-sized, but she is a RAK and 1/2 of her left foot.

    • Marky Mark

      How are her videos? Was thinking of subbing but it’s over $9 for 30 days

  • sharkbait6614

    Does anyone have any experience with Lewie Lewie? From her profile pic, she is super hot. But $25/mo is a little steep unless it’s someone who posts often and has decent custom pricing.

  • Anonymous

    Very hot SAK lady with great long videos and pictures at a reasonable subscribtion price. I definitely recommend. I consider this to be the best find in months. 🙂

    • rr

      Does she show her face in photos/videos? That is really a plus

  • Anonymous

    New Asian paraplegic girl with two profiles on OF:

  • Anonymous
    • S

      ? ⚠️

      am totally disappointed in her; extremely expensive; you don’t get the videos you paid for or ordered; I’ve already transferred money and not received a video; does not respond to messages please be careful!

      • Roberto

        What does that have to do with this new find? Post on new thread.

      • Amput2b

        Well you cant blame her for being slow! She doesnt have fucking arms! Geez…. be patient, shit probably takes her a long time….

  • Burnsy

    This probably isn’t the area but, I have a video used lingerie top acquired from amputee Brittney that I’m putting up for sale if anyone is interested? I’ve finally found my own and no longer have a use or want for it.

    • me

      And how does I get in touch with you?

  • Roberto

    Seems to be spam.

  • BoxBundler – SBE (Free w/ Nudity)

    Super hot, posts nudes, just getting started!

    • S

      is she on any other social media ? such as twitter, IG or chaturbate, etc ?

      • BoxBundler

        She is on reddit with the same username

    • Rakuat

      free trial ends tomorrow!

    • Marky Mark

      Really like her content!

  • L


    Hey! Congenital amputee – you can call me Raven. This is the account I do because I crave attention. If you tip me, I’ll add more and please make sure you say Hi!!
    I’m serious – please talk to me and thank you for subscribing!

  • AmpDev New Congenital SBE girl

  • JJ

    Stumbled across her…..

    Subbed. Good number of pictures, several small vids…the longest is around 7 seconds. She said she did customs for $15 / minute. Wanted to tip first then she’d make the video. Did so (dumb on my part but I had to try) been almost two weeks now and no video, no response to messages. Maybe y’all will have better luck but I just wanted to share my experience.

    • Frank

      Is she an amputee? She is not on our list.

      • M

        LAK from the looks of the profile and banner pics, but doesn’t sound like she’s very into working with us based on OP’s comment. Not sure whether I’m convinced there’s enough interesting content based on OP’s comment either.

        • JJ

          She’s not. I’d avoid her. She had her price half off for a bit is the only reason I subbed. Definitely wouldn’t pay $35

          • M

            Wish you’d said that sooner XD

      • JJ

        She is. RAK

        • JJ

          Correlation – LAK

        • JJ

          Correction – LAK

    • OO

      OF already has the PPV trade system to avoid scams. Model insists on receiving payment in advance. Bad faith sign.

    • U

      Her Instagram:

      Are there full nudes on her main profile?

      • JJ

        There are some. A lot of the same shots at slightly different angles. Longest video is 30 seconds and doesn’t show her stump. It wouldn’t be worth $35 to me personally, I caught it when she had a 50 percent off deal.

    • Steel Lee

      It was way over priced at $35 a month??? If you’re looking for a fair priced RAK I found

      She is also willing to do customs to your liking.

  • Lukios

    Missing half left pinky finger

  • critter

    Hopefully this wheelchair user on OF makes some content, she’s a hottie

  • John

    New amputee on Onlyfans. Male RAK with spina-bifida. Says does custom pics and videos.

  • Steel Lee

    Go check out a new find

    • anon

      empty profile, cant sub. so what is there to check out?

      • Roberto

        I keep seeing her active on there so im assuming we are all discovering before she is open for business.

        • M

          Exactly. Probably waiting for OF to verify her banking info which would allow her to take paid subs/tips/etc.

          • Steel Lee

            It’s up and running!! Yes had to verify again ?

        • Steel Lee

          I’m open for business! ?

  • Frank

    New RBK milf in the Onlyfans-list. Look for Amputee_mum. She is hot.

    • Frank

      Now you are on the list. No more advertising in comments necessary.


      • Anfisa

        thank you ❤️

  • sharkbait6614

    This LAK popped up on my suggested profiles this afternoon…

    • Johnny

      She is super hot. Does great shows and OF is pretty good. Just needs more content.

    • Hans

      Add her to the lists. She is very active and hot.

      • Frank

        I will ad her. Give some days, because all admins are on vacation. Handling the site wit smartphone is difficult. ?

  • Felipe

    Is safe to buy tokens and pay for stuff? I just bought a little amount for a test, but it didn’t transfer to my account yet. Is it a scam?

    • Me

      Yes it’s safe but they don’t accept prepaid cards I think. If you just want to buy videos it might be cheaper to subscribe to get access to the videos.

    • footloverspa

      It is safe.

    • L

      I have been there for a year, I have topped up my tokens a few times and everything is fine.

    • sailorcollins

      Who is on Sweetcams besides Kilyecandy and Tinacruzz (Cristal)?

  • BoxBundler – SBE

    Young, HOT, Makes custom pics and videos and just getting started on OF

  • Alf

    Go friends to support

    • Tino

      unfortunately paypal and bank card payments seems not to work…

  • Rdevo

    Anyone know what is happening with Natalies Palace and Ampgermany/top models? Did Onlyfans put them out of business? Although most of their models were Russians who are still banned from OF ?‍♂️

    • answerer

      These sites are still online. Are they going to end? Surely the Onlyfans business model is much more advantageous to us than those sites that charge a lot and deliver little. I am much happier with OF, although I find the banning of Russian models a shame.

    • JJ

      Are models from those sites on OnlyFans? I’d love to sub if they are. That banning is bs.

      • M

        None of them were on OF before the new policy. OF doesn’t work that well. Any time there’s a creator that I’m super into subbing to they seem to get overwhelmed by requests and never get around to mine, or flake out and don’t even post. Better off just buying a video that looks interesting from one of the more traditional modelling pages than dealing with requested content not being what you asked for due to misunderstandings.

  • Tom Schneider

    Hot RBK amputee showing all at onlyfans:

  • John

    Amanda has been back this month, seems to be posting every day and has done some videos. Seems to be showing more as of late. Her price is $6 and has some full nude on her main profile.

  • Jason Stewart

    Ava has been consistently posting again and put her monthly to $8 well worth it

    Gorgeous face takes care of her body and does full nudity

  • Sherm

    Looking for older mature amputee women, and bbw amputee women pages

  • Snake

    A sweet and pretty girl. Amputation of 4 fingers on the right hand, scars. A face without scars.

  • footloverspa

  • sailorcollins

    Pretty OF girl Leigha Pint is on Chaturbate as part of a couple with some fat dude, hopefully he sneaks out for a snack from time to time

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure it’s gonna be mostly her… he’s not there often if I understood correctly.

  • BoxBundler – SAE

    Super hot, nudity, FREE, and lovely human being

  • Lola

    Left below knee amputee
    Stump videos, stump pictures, requests accepted

  • Anfisa
    • Barnabus

      i think you’ve posted your links quite enough already, its bordering on spam at this point.

      • M

        Please stop. At this point you are spamming, posting once or twice a week, and it’s just annoying.

        P.S. Mods, *please* add her links to the appropriate categories. She’s been asking for weeks and nobody’s helped her out.

    • M

      Please stop. At this point you are spamming, posting once or twice a week, and it’s just annoying.

  • Skyee

    Hi guys. My name is Skye i’m 25 and i just started my onlyfans a month ago. I was in a boating accident when i was 7 years old. I’m at the knee amputee. Please come follow me??

    • James

      Any of you guys following? Would you recommend checking her out? ?

    • James

      Such a shame there is not more amp girls active on chaturbate ?

  • BoxBundler

    Sofi_jc was banned on chaturbate…

    If anyone finds her new room if she makes one please make sure to share.

    • G

      Shame, what did she do ?

      • sailorcollins

        I have a feeling her paperwork was not in order proving she is of age. I was chatting with her when she all of a sudden got demoted to “EXHIBITIONIST” status, and shortly after her account was locked.

  • sailorcollins

    Formerly Melody Bond/Jessica Versace SBK is now part of a lesbian couple on Chaturbate

    • BrunoDiaz

      That’s great news. I find here very hot and was missing her.

    • Un

      How is her content? Does she have instagram? Does she do nudes?

  • Harley

    Hi, my name is Harley. I’m 22 years old, my content consists of solo hemipelvectomy amputee masturbation and more… i’m open for requests!


    New hot model with a very high RAK amputation at Cocostump:

  • Anfisa

    paraplegic ?
    all time wheelchair user??‍?
    Devotee and Fetish friendly??

  • Lola

    Im Lola LBKA my content consist of stump videos, stump pics, and open for o any other requests

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