Remove Krystin Nicole! Thief!

Krystin Nicole is a liar and a thief. Please remove her listing to protect others from her treachery (I added her here back on Jan 19?, but can’t seem to login with the account I created back then). Here is why: FB:Iloveamputees: I relearned a valuable lesson yesterday. Don’t EVER send an aspiring amputee model money ($75US) to help them get started modeling. They’ll just take it and block you when you ask for repayment with content. In spite of saying she’s ‘not like that’, she used me anyway, (lots of good FREE advice on how best to reach her audience, posting her links in forums etc.), so be warned.
So if you ask for customs from DAK amputee Krystin N* on O.F. or I.G., don’t be surprised if you get stiffed.

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