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    Hey, I’m thinking if it would make sense to have a topic where we could share tinder (and similar) accounts of amputee ladies we found?

    You never know what good might come out of it, or if there are negatives for this?

    Let me know what you think…

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    I think that’s a great idea and rarely discussed. Have you had any experiences?

    I’ve had a great experience with several amps (LBK, RAE, RBE, LBE) through tinder/bumble/hinge. Matched with a couple more (DBK and RAE) that fizzled out for one reason or another before meeting.

    Would love to hear some more from our community.

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    As I re-read your post, I’m not sure if you meant accounts as in stories or literal profiles/accounts.

    The latter is not a great idea. It takes a lot for these women to get on the apps and we don’t need people harassing them.

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    I Hope they didn’t mean the latter, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I’ve never tried tinder or bumble. I thought it just fed you profiles in your area and you just *swipe.* can you do keyword stuff, or are you just lucking out?

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    Hope so too! Nope, you can’t sort by keyword so persistent swiping is required.

    Any luck that I had was a result of swiping over several years in two large cities.

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    I haven’t had anything specific in mind… On one hand tinder for example is still protecting people’s privacy and if “she” doesn’t swipe you back its game over… But yeah, I guess there are many sensitive people around to who’s feelings we need to take care of.

    So for now I suggest we can share at least experiences.

    I’m happy you had so much success. I live in europe, and I have swiped over many cities, really almost no luck, I think I found 3-4 ladies in total, out of which only chatted with one (but she lives really far away from me) 🙁

    Also there are couple of profiles that I suspect to be amps, but their pics are not clear enough.


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