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    Hi folks!

    A beautiful double-amputee asked me for some advertisement.

    Look for Casey on Instagram:

    She has a special offer for you. Use the code „amdevlinks23“ and get 10% off!

    Have fun!

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    I’d be careful. I’ve paid for a video and then she never answered me back. Beware.

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    Rule number 1 of dealing with anyone selling through IG: if they don’t take paypal and/or they insist on ‘friends and family’ they’re probably trying to scam you – even if they are real.

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    Ehh, or just doesn’t wanna give the stupid government their cut. I’ve never bought anything from her but I know her quite well and have no bad things to say about her.

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    “Doesn’t want to give the stupid government their cut.”
    When you pay with the ‘goods and services’ option the ‘cut’ goes to paypal, AND it means that the person promising you pictures or videos can’t screw you over by taking your money and vanishing, because you can file a dispute if they try. If you send it ‘friends and family’ you have no recourse what-so-ever when they take your money and ghost you.

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    where is this special offer? She has no links on her ig page.

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    I have a personal history with Casey that started back in Dec 2023 and I hate to say it… but she scammed me. Luckily, it only cost me $80… but that’s $80 that could have gone to another model. She ONLY uses Venmo, so using PayPal with protection isn’t an option with her… and apparently for good reason.

    She seemed like a good person… very receptive to video ideas and responded to messages almost immediately. We discussed the video and she quoted me $60 for the video. A few days later, she sent me a message asking for another $20 since I wanted to “keep the video”. WTF? What did you think I was going to do with it? But, after a little back and forth, I decided to send another $20 to finish the transaction.

    Several weeks go by and dozens of excuses why I haven’t been sent my order. Being a nice guy, I let her know it’s OK… please get it to me as soon as she can. More weeks go by and more excuses. Then she asks me for more money right after Xmas. I explained I would just like her to send me the video I already paid her for… but I never heard back.

    So, if you worked with her and received something, that is great. For those of you who haven’t and want to… tread lightly and expect to be taken for whatever you send.

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    I’ve had the same experience with her.

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