Hello guys,

I´m here to offer you a great service which I think is the most worth deal we can have in this “Devotee World”.

I´ve been gathering vids years and years. Most of them the “good ones”, I dont like shity/short/public videos.

I´m talking about the good ones we all know.

I´ve created a Media Server with more than 480 amputee vids, most of the are unique, you havent seen them in any Porn page or Telegram channel or so.

I´m attaching the proof of this, and you can believe me its true. They are all the vids I´ve gathher these years.

I´m granting a lifetime Access to this Media Server starting on 15€ on PayPal payment so we can all stay “anonymous”. If you want to download them directly, you can talk to me.

You need to create a Plex Account: https://www.plex.tv/es/sign-up/?forward=web

Once you have the account, and if you are interested, please contact me via DM and I Will give you the PayPal details.

With the payment received and the mail account you have used to register, I Will give you Access to this Folder.

Best regards!

(attaching the proof)

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