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Help Missy!

We are always looking for new talents to join our website.

Missy approached us, she wants to join cocostump. She is a single mom, her baby is 5 months old and she was amputated just one month ago due to a tumor.

She needs a chemotherapy which is quite costly.

We found out that she can not afford this chemo, and her chances to survive if she can not complete her therapy are low.

Dear fellow fans of cocostump, we are asking you for help. The fate of this young and beautiful girl touched us. She can not earn money with making videos, as she will get her treatments within the next 6 months.

Use any of the tiers and fill in any amount you want to donate. If you only want to make a one time donation, please use a 1 month subscription.

Watch preview video Kisha interviews Missy.

Thank you very much.

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