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Very active website of female amputees with more than 2000 Videos for sale and for rent. 58 different models of ages between 19 and 45 and all kinds of amputations, mostly SAK. Also a few SBK , DAK, hemi, triple and arm amputees. Price range from 5-22 EUR per video. Also videos for rent for 5 EUR.
Daily updates.

  1. Aliza, LAK, accident
  2. Andrea, LHD, inborn, 50+ videos
  3. Angela, LAK, motorcycle accident, 100+ videos
  4. Ashley, RAK, motorcycle accident, 10 videos
  5. Aura, triple, inborn, 30+ videos
  6. Aurora, RAK, inborn, 70 videos
  7. Bella, LAK, vehicle accident, 100+ videos
  8. Bianca, LAE, stray bullet victim, 10+ videos
  9. Brenda, LAK, 10+ videos
  10. Cathy, RAK, cancer, 50+ videos
  11. Carla, LSD, inborn, 10+ videos
  12. Coleen, hemi, cancer
  13. Danielle, RAK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  14. Eloisa. RAK, accident
  15. Flora, RAK, cancer, 50+ videos
  16. Hanabi, LBK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  17. Happy, LAK, accident
  18. Jackie, LAK + Dwarf, inborn, 30+ videos
  19. Janin, LAK, vehicle accident, 200+ videos
  20. Jewel, LAK, motorcycle accident, 90+ videos
  21. Jia Cassandra, hemi, cancer, 50+ videos
  22. KC, RAK, motor accident, 50+ videos
  23. Keanne, RAK, vehicle accident, 10+
  24. Kendrastar, RAK, cancer, 10+ videos
  25. Kiara, LAK, motorcycle accident, 70+ videos
  26. Kisha, RAK, motorcycle accident, 250+ videos
  27. Kisses, RAK, motorcycle accident, 10+ videos
  28. Laura, double hand, violence victim, 10+ videos
  29. Lianne, RAK, cancer, 30+ videos
  30. Lucy. RAK, infection new
  31. Maxene, LAK, vehicle accident, 50+ videos
  32. Megan, LHD, cancer, 80+ videos
  33. Mia Chan, LBK, cancer, 40+ videos
  34. Mona, LHD, accident, 25 videos
  35. Ms. Zhed, RAK, earthquake victim, 50+ videos
  36. Nadine, LAK, 10+ videos
  37. Nicole, both hands, inborn, 10 videos
  38. Peneolope, LAK, circulation disorder, 3 videos
  39. Pretinha, RBK, accident, 1 video
  40. Pretty, LAK, cancer, 90 videos
  41. Rafaela, RAK, 1 video
  42. Rainbow, LBK, vehicle accident, 3 videos
  43. Rianne, OOE, inborn, 5 videos
  44. Scarlet, LBK, motor accident, 10+ videos
  45. Shantal, RAK, earthquake victim, 50+ videos
  46. Sharmaine, DAK, accident, 10+ videos
  47. Sheila, RBK, 1video new
  48. Suzzaine, LAK, cancer, 5 videos
  49. Sylvia, RAK, accident, 1 video
  50. Tiny, LAK, cancer, 20 videos
  51. Trixie, LAK, motorcycle accident, 30+ videos
  52. Tyra, RAK, circulation disorder, 40+ videos
  53. Vanessa. RAK, motorcycle accident, 20+ videos
  54. Venice, DAK, inborn, 30+ videos
  55. Vernie, RAK, motorcycle accident, 200+ videos
  56. Via, accident
  57. Xialyn, OOE, inborn, 60+ videos
  58. Ynes, LAK, 7 videos

A website with the focus on very sexy and nude videos of female amputees. More than 150 videos, 17 different models, SAK and SBK. Price range USD 24-45.
Frequent updates.

  1. Andrea, 3 videos
  2. Aura, 7 videos
  3. Cathy, 15 videos
  4. Danielle, 10 videos
  5. Hanabi, LBK, 18 videos
  6. Kayce, RAK, 26 videos
  7. Keanne, RAK, 10 videos
  8. Kisha, RAK 18 videos
  9. Lianne, RAK, 11 videos
  10. Maxene, LAK, 14 videos
  11. Penelope, LAK, 1 video
  12. Pretty, LAK, 2 videos
  13. Scarlet, LBK, 9 videos
  14. Trixie, LAK, 8 videos
  15. Tyra RAK, 9 videos
  16. Vanessa. RAK, 11 videos
  17. Vernie, RAK, 25 videos

AM Davies

Webpage of a SBK amputee offering many services, not only videos and pictures.

Active site of female amputees. Videos for sale. 33 different models of all kinds of amputations. Price range from 15-48 EUR per video. 19-09-2022


Pictures and videos of a RAK woman. Price range from 20-40 EUR per video. 31-08-2020 no updates / failed sales reported

Amputee Annisa

A very little shopping site with photos and videos for sale. Price range between USD 30-50. Last update 2019.

Amputee model agency (Eva Amputee)

Videos and photosets of 30 different models for sale. Price range between 15 and 40 EUR per video. 16-10-2022

Amputee Topmodels

Videos and Photosets for sale of 47 different models. Price range between 10 and 50 EUR. New website location 24-07-2022

Amputee world

Videos and photos of more than 131 different models. Price range between USD 500-700 depending on the subscription. 16-10-2022


Amputee Ladys offering live-cam-chat on

  1. Amputee SBK
  2. A_rastls SBE,
  3. Carolineladyx SAK
  4. Chrystal SAK
  5. Dani_love69 SBE
  6. Feernandaa right hand
  7. Hany_lovers SBE
  8. Karen Fuentes LBE
  9. Kathlatorre SBE
  10. Lil Ms Annabelle Lovelee SBK
  11. Molly Roberts SAK (known as Demie Moore)
  12. Niharika Finger
  13. Riley Comely (amputation unknown)
  14. Sabrina Lopez SAK
  15. Samy Huber SAK
  16. Suuzy SBE and Toes
  17. Stazia SBK

Male list:

  1. Amputeex RBK
  2. King Morbid SAK
  3. Paul Parker RBK
  4. Shy Couple DAK
  5. Tallhungandfuncolorado SBK.


Videos of Amputees and other disabilities for sale. 37 models active selling. Price range from 7-25 EUR for pictures and videos. 31-12-2020

Elena Amputee

Videos and photos available for sale of a LHD amputee woman. Price range 20-50 EUR per video. 12-09-2021 updated

Facebook resources

Follow the link above to enter our page Amp-Facebook. Use also the links in the header and footer section to navigate.


Videos and porn of a LAK woman for sale. Beware of eye cancer for the colors chosen at the website. Price range around USD 20. 31-08-2020

Fitness Unarmed

Pictures for sale of a womam without arms. Price range USD 10 per photo. 31-08-2020


  1. AmpMille RAK
  2. Amputee Angela many models – daily updates
  3. Amputee Danielle RAK
  4. Amputee Model Agency many models
  5. Amputee models a few models, former Amputee Hilda
  6. Jessica Amputee OOE
  7. Katrina Del Garte Some Photos and videos of Belaja 08-10-2021
  8. ksu-amputee RAK
  9. Lan Zi, OOE
  10. Silkstump models providing nude content, updates frequently
  11. The girls you like, beautiful new amputees

Jun Amputee

A website of a 3 RAK amputee girls. EUR 25-35 for a video. 16-10-2022

Lan Zi

A website of an OOE amputee girl and a triple amputee (Lily). EUR 30 for a video. 05-05-2023 new

Lia Amputee

Videos of a LAK woman for sale. Price range 20-32 EUR for photosets and videos. 21-12-2020

My free Cams

Watch out for the last logins, some profiles are not very active.

  1. Dizzy2u, SAK
  2. Hertighness, SBK
  3. Lisa1leg, SAK
  4. One_leg_kitty, Leg amputee
  5. Rainbowrose28, SBK
  6. RoxysFeet, Toes

Natalies Palace

Videos and photosets of 19 different models with all kinds of amputations available. Price range 40-50 EUR per video. 09-05-2021


Linkpage of OneGuyOneleg to his OF, see also the OF section.

Only Fans

Follow the link above to enter our page Amp-Onlyfans. Use also the links in the header and footer section to navigate.


  1. Amp_lified Beauty, RAK girl
  2. Amputee_Maus, RAK girl
  3. Aneris, OOE, right side, 25 y/o from Argentina, Amputee model and cosplayer
  4. しょうK, Comic, Amputee bunny Annie
  5. Bionic Gypsy, Niki Rellon, RBK wants to become the first woman with a prosthetic leg to sail around the world.
  6. Cherie Louise LHD
  7. ENIX, is creating pics about amputee women
  8. Elizaa, RAK girl 17-05-2021
  9. Jo Beckwith, RBK
  10. Mexican Amputee RAK/RHD, congenital
  11. Neo KirchBaby, DAK 17-05-2021
  12. Pavlinka14, 3D renders of amputee characters
  13. Christina Stephens LAK
  14. Talli DAE

Pamela Amputee

A DAK amputee, with photosets and videos for sale. Price range 20-40 EUR per photoset/video. 06-09-2020


A RAK amputee selling her videos. She is know known as Kendrastar at – price around 20 EUR per video. 21-12-2020


no current entries.

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  • Lola

    Im a left below knee amputee My content contains playing with stump, pictures of stump, pictures with crutches and any special requests

  • lithia

    i am a double above the knee amputee!

    • Frank

      Hello Lithia!

      Welcome here! What kind of stuff do you offer on Onlyfans?

      • Phil

        I recommend, she is a very beautiful dak girl, do nudes, and her content is getting very good. And she doesn’t overcharge the devs.

        • Dakdev

          Agree! Just needs to concentrate on putting out amputee content is all… she is getting there though.

    • DW

      After buying a bunch of her videos and some things on her amazon list she randomly blocked me, I can only guess that it was because I asked about the status of my custom video but who knows.

  • L

    Bbw. Left below the knee amputee.

  • sharkbait6614

    Just came across this profile…

    • M

      I saw it a while ago and took a gamble. Got a few mirror pics (no face) that seemed promising, but then the video I requested -which didn’t end up being exactly what I asked for – laid bare the fact that she was playing the angles. Too BBW for me.

  • DevoteeX

    SBE and an absolute smokeshow. One of the best creators on OF!

    • RAKFan

      Do you know if she has/wears a hook prosthesis?

      • BoxBundler

        I don’t think she has one. She doesn’t use a prosthesis

        • L

          She uses a prosthetic hand, but the prosthesis ends with a strange grip.

  • Berislav
  • Sinister

    Tiphany Adams of Push Girls seems to be doing devotee content but she is pretty expensive. $10 USD for access then $50 for a transfer video and 100.00 for a personalized Devotee vid. She has photos showing her breast but charges to view them.

  • Snake

    Cute girl with no fingers on one hand.

  • M
    If you’re looking for a BBW SBK.

  • M

    New stunner who happens to be LBK

    Responsive. Reasonable prices. Has a good presence infront of the camera.

  • Anfisa
  • sailorcollins

    Cristtal (RAK) is back on Chaturbate, looks like she has a 1080p cam now

  • ABC

    I have a cute new SAK girl. She is a literally an anime girl.
    I ordered some custom stuff from her. It’s not very professional, but she is trying her best.
    Very cute stump. Check her out and give her a try and some tips.


    She also wants to start OnlyFans soon.

    • sharkbait6614

      I’m not too keen on social media. Is there a way to get in touch with her?

      • M

        Wh . . . why? If those are her socials, those are the way she is comfortable being contacted.

        • sharkbait6614

          The point of my comment is that I don’t have any social accounts and don’t have a way to communicate.

          • M

            If you aren’t willing to register a pseudonymous email so you can create an instagram to message her that’s on you. Asking for contacts which get you directly in contact with her ( what would that even be? You don’t have facebook to contact her on her personal page. Do you want her work college email? her work email?) is a dirty old man without proper social boundaries kind of request.

    • eqHaHe

      OF seems to be online now, too, although no content so far.

      Telegram-Link doesn’t seem to work …?

      • sharkbait6614

        I don’t see a way to sign up with her… I can see her profile and background, but no info about subscribing. Am I missing something?

        • M

          We can’t sub because it probably hasn’t been verified on OFs side. All we can do for now is click the star icon and add her page to a followed list until the page becomes active.

  • N

    Could you add only fans Ampilini, please? Double below knee amputee. Thx!

    • Zp87

      No content page appears inactive

  • BoxBundler – SAE

    Someone let me know if she has an OF

    • M

      According to that twitter she’s thinking about (re)starting one. I saw her on some GF experience type site a few years ago, but spending thousands of dollars to have someone come pretend they’re intested in me for a few days isn’t something I could ever dupe myself into.

  • John

    Anybody that know anything about this beauty?

    • Zp87

      No but I want to. Have mercy ?

      • Barnabus

        Just got a custom from her and can confirm she is worth every penny.

        • JJ

          Are her prices for customs steep?

          • John

            JJ – I think they are really fair compared to others – I got a 4,5 min custom for 30$ ?
            I’ve experienced others asking anything from 40 ish to 60+ for the same !

          • M

            No, her custom prices are very reasonable.

    • Rakuat

      messages are a bit spam related

      • Skyee

        You can always request i put you on the fan/no vote list and you won’t get my votes babe lol.

    • John

      Well I found of myself !
      Definitely recommendable and I suggest she’s added to the OF list !
      She’s amazing, reply’s fast and does amazing custom content at a very fair price and really quick – I waited only around a day for mine and I wasn’t the least disappointed – but very pleased and impressed!

      • Skyee

        that would be me:) i don’t charge a lot in my opinion and if you guys are loyal fans i always give deals:) add me and come chat with me!!

    • sharkbait6614

      She is 100% one of the best content creators at the moment. Super sexy, responsive, fairly priced, and apparently getting too many requests to handle right now.

      Now leave her alone so she can finish my other videos! HAHA

    • Skyee

      how can i be requested on this site to be added to the onlyfans list? Anybody know just found out about this website yesterday!

      • Aurarius

        Posting here as all you need.

      • Frank


        Great to have you here. You are on the list now. If you want to promote anything, like free subscriptions/special offers, let me know!

  • Sinister
  • Anfisa

    paraplegic ?
    all time wheelchair user??‍?
    Devotee and Fetish friendly??

  • Rakuat
  • Snake
    LAE, born with amputation.

    • Esteban

      What happened with she?

      • sailorcollins

        She was on for many hours last night, very sexy girl.

        • L

          I can’t find her, she shows up very rarely.

          • Snake

            This is strange… She is online now, GMT time without time zones is 4:35, date 06.07.22.

  • M

    Anyone subscribed to Mel on OF had problems with her not even checking DMs, nevermind ‘leaving you on read’?

    • M

      I’m not sure we’re talking about the same person. I’m referencing Mel, the rbk yoga model. Sounds like you might(?) be talking about maleprado (dak).

      • Winston

        Thisgirlwheels name is also Mel that’s who I was talking about

      • s

        whats mel (the rbk yoga model) link please ?

    • sharkbait6614

      I subbed like a year ago… she posts very little, the content is boring, and even though she says she will do customs, I’ve been messaging back and forth with her for over a year, and still nothing.

  • Dtowndev

    acaciaeileen is working the OF angle and looks like she is making lots of content. She is a thin and sext BE/2 finger beauty. What’s the experience with her?
    and she has a sale going!

    • JJ

      She’s great, in my opinion. Regular new content (usually weekly ppv in messages) good prices. Always answers messages and is cool to talk to. She’s made some B/G content recently that is great. Again, this is all just my opinion, though.

    • Winston

      She is a total waste of time over priced and terrible quality content. Cracked the sh!T’s with OF and removed everything so those who had paid lost everything and ghosted those that paid for customs . Find her on the clock sounding app to see better things for free.

    • sharkbait6614

      I subbed to her a while ago and she was great. She is reasonably priced and provided me with a great custom in a matter of days.

  • John

    Anyone with any experience with and know anything about her rates for customs ?

    • M

      I wouldn’t waste your money. She only has three new posts since my sub expired in 2020. I bought one video from her, but I can’t remember whether it was something she made ppv, or something I requested, nor do I recall how much it cost. Was pretty bland either way.

  • DevoteeX
  • Dev
  • Gero
    Left hand only 2 fingers.

    • akikeres

      Thank you!

  • RE

    What happened to Jasmin’s website:

    • hipster

      It will be up soon. Don’t worry!

      • _

        Hopefully more Julia videos.

  • Gracee Nubs

    I’m running for Maxim Covergirl 2022!! Please help!
    Let’s get an amputee on the cover of MAXIM!
    Free vote daily!
    Send a screenshot of paid vote confirmation on my onlyfans and get a special thank you!! or

    • John


      • Gracee Nubs

        Thank you so much!!
        Every vote counts! If you can, vote daily. This would help me do so many good things for so many people!

  • Anfisa
  • S

    Is it possible to remove the ‘new’ and ‘updated’ tags from the links that aren’t new or recently updated ?

    • Jason Karrigan

      And also to have someone go through links and remove the ones that no longer exist! Like the OF page

      • M

        But they already update the OF list with ‘gone’, ‘inactive’, etc. – as well as strike-through text on the ones that aren’t around anymore.

  • sharkbait6614
    • M

      Forequarters, not RSD

  • sharkbait6614

    FREE OnlyFans LBK and fingers

  • akikeres

    Hi everybody!
    Has anyone seen your legs yet? Do you have a video of it (hands, feet)? Please share videos from she. Write private for me.
    Thank you!!!

    • dddev

      this is inappropriate for this site. it is not a file sharing site. you can contact her on her page and pay for any videos you want.

      • akikeres

        Ok. Sorry!
        I’m just asking if anyone has seen their legs completely yet?

        • sharkbait6614

          Yes. Her left foot is cut off around mid-arch and her right foot is a little shorter, cut just past the heel.

          • sailorcollins

            I think she was trying to keep that a secret, I would hope she doesn’t Google herself and find it.

          • akikeres

            Thank you for your info! 🙂
            Have you shown it yet cam?
            Or have you seen it somewhere else? I’d be curious.

        • anon

          And she hasn’t streamed for 4 days now. good job weirding her out

          • Devguy

            She’s visiting her mother. She’s not weirded out and is enjoying the devotee attractions. She posted her feet and hand stump on her OF.

  • Gracee Nubs

    Hey there! Gracee Nubs here! My paid onlyfans ($20/mo uncensored/nude/xxx) is half off till the end of June! Celebrating my 13 year nubiversary! My free (censored/ppv) page is also packed full of daily nub content. I’d love to see you there! I also offer content & services independently on Twitter @GraceeNubsOF

  • .Marck This girl’s legs are extremely thin and dead, she has never walked and never will. that’s sexy

    • M

      You *really* need to stop and think about the way you express your attraction. Do you think if a wc user saw that post they would take it in a positive light?

    • dapperdevboy

      Seriously? It’s because of comments like that made by people like you that gives us all a bad reputation. She is a person, not an object. Have a little respect man.

  • Donae Medenwaldt


  • Anfisa

    publish me – Polio / shortleg / wheelchair

  • wu wc

    • L

      Does Emili do content for devotes ?

  • quad lover
    • quad lover

      quadriplegic jordanne M

  • TOM is a hot LBE, but without stump/prosthesis pics on her page. Saw her stump on chaturbate today:

    • L

      She doesn’t seem to be keen on posting it, at least she doesn’t do it on OF.
      I think she also has a prosthetic leg.

      • sailorcollins

        A couple of nights ago I asked her about her arm, she said she was shy to show it because she was afraid guys would stop visiting her room. I told her that that was pretty unlikely with a body and face like hers. Sure enough the next morning she was streaming using the hashtag “#amputee” on CB and rubbing her (amazing) tits with her stump. Sometimes fortune favors the bold my friends, as long as you are not a creepy dick about it.

        • G

          I thought it was a risk , tense moment or two I thought ?

      • akikeres

        What do you think? Did you see anything? Has anyone seen your legs yet?

        • G

          Lovely girl, camming is her job , spend a few sheckles and ask her yourself ffs.

    • El español

      thanks for sharing the Chaturbate

  • MP

    If you’re interested in amputee girls in plaster casts here is a website with a woman who is LAK with SLWC and LLWC.

  • James

    Any fans of amputee men?
    Of amputeex

  • James

    Where are all the people interested in amputee men ?? instagram :@amp_lifiedx

  • Ann

    Cristtal (SAK) from chaturbate has a new page here:

  • Anfisa

    publish me – Polio / shortleg / wheelchair

    thank you

    • Roberto

      Yo no need to repeatedly post the same thing multiple times. We can all see it.

      • Anfisa

        thank you =*

  • Anfisa
  • Anfisa

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