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Very active website of female amputees with more than 1800 Videos for sale and for rent. 53 different models of ages between 19 and 45 and all kinds of amputations, mostly SAK. Also a few SBK , DAK, hemi, triple and arm amputees. Price range from 5-22 EUR per video. Also videos for rent for 5 EUR.
Daily updates.

  1. Andrea, LHD, inborn, 58 videos, 14-07-2023
  2. Angela, LAK, motorcycle accident, 108 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  3. Ashley, RAK, motorcycle accident, 10 videos, 31-08-2020
  4. Aura, triple, inborn, 34 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  5. Aurora, RAK, inborn, 70 videos, 14-07-2023 updated
  6. Bella, LAK, vehicle accident, 105 videos, 16-04-2023
  7. Bianca, LAE, stray bullet victim, 14 videos, 31-08-2020
  8. Brenda, LAK, 18 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  9. Cathy, RAK, cancer, 79 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  10. Carla, LSD, inborn, 13 videos, 10-09-2023
  11. Coleen, hemi, cancer, 6 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  12. Danielle, RAK, vehicle accident, 67 videos, 16-04-2023
  13. Eloisa. RAK, accident, 2 video, 10-09-2023, new
  14. Flora, RAK, cancer, 58 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  15. Hanabi, LBK, vehicle accident, 81 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  16. Jackie, LAK + Dwarf, inborn, 44 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  17. Janin, LAK, vehicle accident, 202 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  18. Jewel, LAK, motorcycle accident, 93 videos, 16-10-2022
  19. Jia Cassandra, hemi, cancer, 56 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  20. KC, RAK, motor accident, 62 videos, 16-01-2023
  21. Keanne, RAK, vehicle accident, 14 videos 27-03-2022
  22. Kendrastar, RAK, cancer, 15 videos, 13-09-2020
  23. Kiara, LAK, motorcycle accident, 71 videos, 24-09-2021
  24. Kisha, RAK, motorcycle accident, 255 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  25. Kisses, RAK, motorcycle accident, 17 videos, 13-03-2021
  26. Laura, double hand, violence victim, 17 videos, 14-07-2023
  27. Lianne, RAK, cancer, 38 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  28. Maxene, LAK, vehicle accident, 57 videos, 16-01-2023
  29. Megan, LHD, cancer, 83 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  30. Mia Chan, LBK, cancer, 41 videos, 14-04-2021
  31. Mona, LHD, accident, 25 videos, 16-10-2022
  32. Ms. Zhed, RAK, earthquake victim, 54 videos, 16-10-2022
  33. Nadine, LAK, 12 videos, 05-02-2022
  34. Nicole, both hands, inborn, 10 videos, 31-08-2020
  35. Peneolope, LAK, circulation disorder, 3 video, 23-07-2022
  36. Pretinha, RBK, accident, 1 video, 10-06-2023
  37. Pretty, LAK, cancer, 90 videos, 16-04-2023
  38. Rafaela, RAK, 1 video, 04-08-2022
  39. Rainbow, LBK, vehicle accident, 3 videos, 03-01-2021
  40. Rianne, OOE, inborn, 5 videos 16-01-2023
  41. Scarlet, LBK, motor accident, 13 videos, 15-06-2021
  42. Shantal, RAK, earthquake victim, 59 videos, 14-07-2023
  43. Sharmaine, DAK, accident, 14 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  44. Suzzaine, LAK, cancer, 5 videos, 29-07-2023 updated
  45. Sylvia, RAK, accident, 1 video, 26-05-2023
  46. Tiny, LAK, cancer, 20 videos, 31-08-2020
  47. Trixie, LAK, motorcycle accident, 34 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  48. Tyra, RAK, circulation disorder, 45 videos, 30-06-2021
  49. Vanessa. RAK, motorcycle accident, 29 videos 10-09-2023 updated
  50. Venice, DAK, inborn, 32 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  51. Vernie, RAK, motorcycle accident, 205 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  52. Xialyn, OOE, inborn, 67 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  53. Ynes, LAK, 7 videos, 13-03-2020

A website with the focus on very sexy and nude videos of female amputees. More than 100 videos, 18 different models, SAK and SBK. Price range USD 24-45.
Frequent updates.

  1. Andrea, 3 videos, 19-07-2023
  2. Aura, 2 videos, 10-09-2023 new
  3. Cathy, 5 videos, 10-09-2023 new
  4. Danielle, 9 videos, 16-10-2022
  5. Hanabi, LBK, 18 videos 27-07-2023
  6. Janin, LAK, 2 video, 29-07-2023 new
  7. Kayce, RAK, 26 videos, 10-09-2023 updated
  8. Keanne, RAK, 10 videos, 29-07-2023
  9. Kisha, RAK 18 videos 29-07-2023
  10. Lianne, RAK, 2 videos, 29-07-2023 new
  11. Maxene, LAK, 14 videos 27-03-2022
  12. Penelope, LAK, 1 video, 11-01-2023
  13. Pretty, LAK, 2 videos, 29-07-2023
  14. Scarlet, LBK, 9 videos, 31-10-2021
  15. Trixie, LAK, 3 videos; 10-09-2023 new
  16. Tyra RAK, 9 videos 31-10-2021
  17. Vanessa. RAK, 3 video, 10-09-2023 new
  18. Vernie, RAK, 24 videos 29-07-23

AM Davies

Webpage of a SBK amputee offering many services, not only videos and pictures.

Active site of female amputees. Videos for sale. 33 different models of all kinds of amputations. Price range from 15-48 EUR per video. 19-09-2022


Pictures and videos of a RAK woman. Price range from 20-40 EUR per video. 31-08-2020 no updates / failed sales reported

Amputee Annisa

A very little shopping site with photos and videos for sale. Price range between USD 30-50. Last update 2019.

Amputee model agency (Eva Amputee)

Videos and photosets of 27 different models for sale. Price range between 15 and 40 EUR per video. 16-10-2022

Amputee Topmodels

Videos and Photosets for sale of 47 different models. Price range between 10 and 50 EUR. New website location 24-07-2022

Amputee world

Videos and photos of more than 131 different models. Price range between USD 500-700 depending on the subscription. 16-10-2022


Amputee Ladys offering live-cam-chat on

  1. Amputee SBK
  2. A_rastls SBE,
  3. Carolineladyx SAK
  4. Chrystal SAK
  5. Dani_love69 SBE
  6. Feernandaa right hand
  7. Hany_lovers SBE
  8. Karen Fuentes LBE
  9. Kathlatorre SBE
  10. Lil Ms Annabelle Lovelee SBK
  11. Molly Roberts SAK (known as Demie Moore)
  12. Niharika Finger
  13. Riley Comely (amputation unknown)
  14. Sabrina Lopez SAK
  15. Samy Huber SAK
  16. Suuzy SBE and Toes
  17. Stazia SBK

Male list:

  1. Amputeex RBK
  2. King Morbid SAK
  3. Paul Parker RBK
  4. Shy Couple DAK
  5. Tallhungandfuncolorado SBK.


Videos of Amputees and other disabilities for sale. 37 models active selling. Price range from 7-25 EUR for pictures and videos. 31-12-2020

Elena Amputee

Videos and photos available for sale of a LHD amputee woman. Price range 20-50 EUR per video. 12-09-2021 updated

Facebook resources

Follow the link above to enter our page Amp-Facebook. Use also the links in the header and footer section to navigate.


Videos and porn of a LAK woman for sale. Beware of eye cancer for the colors chosen at the website. Price range around USD 20. 31-08-2020

Fitness Unarmed

Pictures for sale of a womam without arms. Price range USD 10 per photo. 31-08-2020


  1. AmpMille RAK
  2. Amputee Angela many models – daily updates
  3. Amputee Danielle RAK
  4. Amputee Model Agency many models
  5. Amputee models a few models, former Amputee Hilda
  6. Jessica Amputee OOE
  7. Katrina Del Garte Some Photos and videos of Belaja 08-10-2021
  8. ksu-amputee RAK
  9. Lan Zi, OOE new
  10. Silkstump models providing nude content, updates frequently
  11. The girls you like, beautiful new amputees new

Jun Amputee

A website of a 3 RAK amputee girls. EUR 25-35 for a video. 16-10-2022

Lan Zi

A website of an OOE amputee girl and a triple amputee (Lily). EUR 30 for a video. 05-05-2023 new

Lia Amputee

Videos of a LAK woman for sale. Price range 20-32 EUR for photosets and videos. 21-12-2020

My free Cams

Watch out for the last logins, some profiles are not very active.

  1. Dizzy2u, SAK
  2. Hertighness, SBK
  3. Lisa1leg, SAK
  4. One_leg_kitty, Leg amputee
  5. Rainbowrose28, SBK
  6. RoxysFeet, Toes

Natalies Palace

Videos and photosets of 19 different models with all kinds of amputations available. Price range 40-50 EUR per video. 09-05-2021


Linkpage of OneGuyOneleg to his OF, see also the OF section.

Only Fans

Follow the link above to enter our page Amp-Onlyfans. Use also the links in the header and footer section to navigate.


  1. Amp_lified Beauty, RAK girl
  2. Amputee_Maus, RAK girl
  3. Aneris, OOE, right side, 25 y/o from Argentina, Amputee model and cosplayer
  4. しょうK, Comic, Amputee bunny Annie
  5. Bionic Gypsy, Niki Rellon, RBK wants to become the first woman with a prosthetic leg to sail around the world.
  6. Cherie Louise LHD
  7. ENIX, is creating pics about amputee women
  8. Elizaa, RAK girl 17-05-2021
  9. Jo Beckwith, RBK
  10. Mexican Amputee RAK/RHD, congenital
  11. Neo KirchBaby, DAK 17-05-2021
  12. Pavlinka14, 3D renders of amputee characters
  13. Christina Stephens LAK
  14. Talli DAE

Pamela Amputee

A DAK amputee, with photosets and videos for sale. Price range 20-40 EUR per photoset/video. 06-09-2020


A RAK amputee selling her videos. She is know known as Kendrastar at – price around 20 EUR per video. 21-12-2020


Sabrina LopezSAK
Willow MerakiDwarf



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  • Sinister

    Regarding Riley Comely, I think she may have a paralyzed arm. Her instagram has pictures from a photo shoot she did on a beach and although she still hides it, I believe she still has her arm but may be paralyzed.

    Speaking of paralyzed, would anyone be interested in adding a section for paraplegic/wheelchair women? I would love to come across more sites of women who use wheelchairs.

    • Rick

      I would appreciate a paraplegic/wheelchair women section. To get the ball rolling here is on:

      • Frank


        We are thinking about a paraplegic/wheelcahir-section. Problem is: It takes time to manage.

  • Sinister

    Another LAK on Chaturbate

    Seems she speaks Russian, Seems new to the site and not sure how to work it. Asked to private chat and she let the request time out.

    • Jeff

      She doesn’t talk to everyone or strips and plays unless its private show

  • Anonymous
  • footloverspa

    A new SAK cam lady:
    By the way, anyone knows what happened to Kilye_Candy of sweetcams? She was a real sexy SAK colombian cam model, two months offline.

    • hipster

      Thx, it would be great if there were any pictures or vids of her at all! If something pops out, let us know!
      Heheh, or at least, describe her in few words =)

  • Aurarius

    The Columbian queen fetish emporium vanished. Anyone know what happened or where to find her now?

    • Golf

      She was banned, i just typed in her name and I found a website where her name was listed

    • Sinister

      I know she was in the process of retiring from Cam/Sex work. Alot of her sites she is removing her profiles. Maybe that is what happened.

      She does have Instagram and premium snapchats that she runs.

  • hipster

    Jess is LAK I’d say:

    Profile pics of onlyfans are in fact possible to see full sized (just google it) =)

    • Jimmy

      She is LBK… not much to see on her page though, she seems very young or maybe I’m just old 😂

    • James

      Haven’t subscribed, but she’s hot.

    • hipster

      I’d be careful. Some amp ladies complained that fake profiles are opening in their names on onlyfans and justforfans. Their not-so-explicit pics are reposted, people are ripped off and their privacy is invaded…

      • James

        Thanks for the heads-up. May be the case with her.

      • James

        Are there any amps on justforfans?

      • Roberto

        Are you talking about what happened with Cherie? The fake Instagram page?

  • li
    • Aurarius

      Li, thank you this hint. Sorry that we are not sharing this, as I believe that this underage girl of 14 should keep her privacy. And we also can’t really make an instagram directory for amputees, as there are too many and it’s way to dynamic.

    • li

      sorry how can i delete this reply

      • Aurarius

        No worries, I anonymized it for you.

  • Aurarius

    Does anyone know what happened with the website of Brittney? It seems to be offline.

  • Jimmy

    CHAWNCI – Very Cute SBK
    Thank me later… 😜

    • Aurarius

      We are thankful for every new hint, Jimmy.

      • Jimmy

        I am hopeful she is still posting as seems a bit quiet but man is she sexy 😍

  • Jimmy

    Hey, I am trying to check out EFFY STONE on OnlyFans as I noticed she was added to your list but I can’t access her page,
    There are recent posts but they say user inactive and no option to subscribe… anyone else having problems? 🤔

  • Dtown

    What sort of content is Alyssa the sak+fingers putting on her OF?

    • Jimmy

      Not a great deal of free content,
      Nice masturbation vid in paid content though, she’s pretty cute 🥰

  • Londoner
  • akikeres

    Everybody have information from she? What happened her arm?

  • Londoner

    Stazia Stitches – RBK

  • James

    Does MaleePrado show her legs on OnlyFans? Seems like she never does on social media.

    • Paster

      She has several pictures where the stumps are visible. She hardly updates. Not worth the money.

      • James

        Thanks for the heads-up

    • Mike

      After a quiet period, Maleeprado is now posting one or two really amazing short videos most days. Well worth subscribing now!

      • Larry

        Does she do nudes?

        • Poster

          I asked her for nudes. She said yes. I asked for details/price. Never got an answer. Something is strange. Either she doesn’t understand or want or whatsoever. After some short but nice videos, it starts to get a waste of money again.

          • Paster

            She finally said she would do nudes. Paid her a lot of money. Still waiting for delivery (almost 2 weeks). So BEWARE with Alejandra aka maleeprado1. Did some others of you also pay and never receive what was promised?

        • Vampyr66

          Just so everyone is aware, her language is predominantly Spanish. If you make requests of her, consider using Google translate to avoid losing things in translation.

  • Ava Amputee

    Hello lovelies

    It’s Ava Amputee here! Thanks to everyone who has followed my OnlyFans.

    My request is that you change “SAK”.

    I am a knee disarticulation amputee.

    Xoxo Hope to chat with you all soon! I am VERY dev friendly 💋


  • James

    Anybody ever follow Leanne on onlyfans?

    • akikeres

      Please send link. Thank you!
      What’s interesting about she?

      • Aurarius

        Dear Akikeres,
        for the link please see Leanne in our OF section 😉

    • Sharkbait

      I’m currently following her… what is your question?

      • James

        Just curious if she had good content. I subscribed.

        • Sharkbait

          Not really. She is flakey as hell too. I requested a video the day I subscribed… almost 30 days later, still nothing. I unsubbed so I don’t feed any more unnecessary funds to her.

          • James

            Same here.

    • Aurarius

      Thank you for your contribution.

  • Akikeres

    Dear Devotee Friends!

    What do you think of that?
    Make one common Folder in Google Drive, and upload/share videos from onlyfans or other sites.

    • Aurarius

      Dear Akikeres, may be a few might think this is a good idea, however we don’t think so. Of course this is a copyright violation, which we don’t need to explain that it’s illegal and and we can’t support this. But secondly, we think cheating the girls (or boys) so that they can’t earn money for their work is even worse – and makes them disappering from this community in anger.
      This site here is to help devotees to find the resources and to support the amputees being found by the devotees. And we would love to see that community to grow.

      • Akikeres

        Dear Aurarius,
        You are absolutely right in this!

  • hipster

    I see there is no link to

    Just my two cents… I follow Alexandria on onlyFans, she’s gorgeous. While cheap she does ask for 25$ payments for 3min+ vids.

    Too bad there are no other hip amps (besides Lorry, but that’s another story).

    P.S. Alexandria is also 4 fingered and one-tittied. =)

    • Aurarius

      Thank you hipster.

    • Akikeres

      Dear Hipster!
      Please send link for Alexandria.
      Thank You!

      • Aurarius

        Akikeres, you find her on top of the list of the OF section 😉

  • Sharkbait

    I wouldn’t waste your time with “Miss Denise” while on While insanely pretty, she is boring as fuck. I talked with her about a completely benign topic and all of a sudden, she banned me without warning. My goal was to have her somehow bring her left hand into view (since you almost never see it) and then inquire about her finger at that time. However, I never got the chance. Being pissed off (and bored) I logged out of my account, went back to her page as a guest, and watched her for over an hour. She did NOTHING the whole time except sit on a bed and play with her hair and her tank top straps. She is VERY cognizant about her missing finger on her left hand and the very few times that it even came into view, she was quick to tuck it away behind her ass so it wasn’t visible on camera. Unless you recorded her and went back frame by frame to look, you would never know this girl is an amputee.

  • wu
    • John

      she banned me when I asked her about her missing finger

      • Frank

        I watched this live. Good to know.

  • wu one-eyed hottie

  • BiDev

    FREE! AK right leg amputee male that I found. Very nice and friendly to the devotee community. Definitely recommend his account on Onlyfans!

  • wu hot milf missing 2 fingers

  • Michael Davis

    He makes custom content and is amazingly nice about messages and interacting with Devotees!

  • martin

    has anyone tried to subscribe to dak amputee @athena ?

    • Hipster

      Kittychambers is the only dak atm I’d consider. Although, she only has 7 post and I’m not sure of the “porn level” she offers.

      • message-poster

        Beware of kittychambers. She hardly posts, shows virtually nothing to subscribers, charges extra and then sells you photos available for free on instagram.

        • Question asker

          What is her Instagram?

          • message-poster


      • Haz

        Don’t bother. Waste of money.

        • M. Dons.

          Complete waste of money. No updates. Sent her money for customized photos. Never got those photos.

          • dapperdev

            she’s got 52 posts up now, and she’s hella sexy – any updates on whether the subs worth it?

    • Haz

      Yes I have. Not much content and updates are few and far between.

    • message-psoter

      An update every one to two weeks, either one or 2 photos or a 10 second video. Not really active. For me a waste of money. I will cancel my subscription at the end of the month. I am willing to support these girls as a “fan”, but hey, give me something for the money! 2 or three updates a month with a total of 5 pictures and 10 seconds of video is bulls***. Same goes for kittychambers which is even worse.

  • Martin Jeppesen

    Is she worth subscribing to? @athena… Dak amputee

  • martin

    can anyone confirm or deny that amputeebitch87 is still active in onlyfans and does she really have about 196 videoes on her site ?

    • Aurarius

      Yes she is active. You can follow her for free. For most content she charges extra.

  • Klaus

    Hey ☺️ Do you only provide amputated girls? I just found this one: (amputated boy)
    Instagram: boyamputee

  • Hipster

    Heya, is there a hamster server (or similar) still active? I’ve been off for some time.


    • FF

      yes it is still active;

      • Akikeres

        I try connect but I have “Could not connect” error.

      • Akikeres

        Which program? Alliance?

        • djkl77

          retroshare 🙂

          • Akikeres

            Please send “Friend certificate” Thank You!

          • Akikeres


          • Akikeres

            Please share friend certificate. Thank You!

      • akikeres

        Please help for me. Alliance P2P active?

  • wu camgirl msssing 2 fingers

  • wu vids of AK and DBK for sale

    • Aurarius

      Already disappeared from gumroad. That wasn’t lasting very long. Does anyone know what happened?

    • Aurarius

      Thanks, wu again for the link. It doesn’t fit exactly in the amputee topic of this site, however for those interested I leave it here in the comments section.

  • wu

    toe amputee selling pics and vids

  • Henri

    I once saw a girl named “Jobibunni”, on pornhub and other sites. but she somehow has completely vanished. does anyone know? She’s RBE. Thanks 🙂

    • akikeres

      Please send link for she. Thank’s!

      • Henri

        Sorry, I can’t. As I said she has completely vanished. every single entry on google has been deleted. Here’s an image gallery of her: Hopefully you can find her 🙂 Merry X-Mas 🙂

    • Aurarius

      Thank you wu.

    • Steven Hale

      Is Maleeprado really a DAK?, because on her IG she looks normal

  • Gero

    Demymoore has been changed, she works again as Mollyroberts.

  • dm

    a couple more OF

  • devresort

    A few additional ones for the OF section.. 🙂

    • Frank

      Thank you devresort!

    • Steven Hale

      Which of them are DAK’s?

  • grantg
    • LucaD

      Thanks G- is there list of amps woth OF accounts? I only knew of @BionicNymph & @daddy.deee

      • Frank

        Hi! I am just working on an OF-Section. 😉

      • Meriç

        Amputeebitch87 your name ?

        • Aurarius

          Thanks for the link.

  • mendez

    hello she has her right leg sawn and I would like to chat with her Sabrina Lopezz, Chaturbate let me know how I do to talk to her, thanks

    • Frank

      First of all: This is not the chaturbate help-desk! You need an account to chaturbate. (You can use this link: Chaturbate) Then you have to see when Sabrina is online. Then you can chat with her. Have fun!

  • akikeres

    She is an arm amputee?

    • Frank

      We think, she is. But she is hiding her Arm.

      • Feliks

        She will deny it too say it’s broken and will heal could also be paralyzed.

        • CH

          Pretty sure you can make out a stump on one of her camgirl pages, but it’s not a good enough view to hunt down. I’m pretty sure she is, but she’s not willing to show it to us.

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